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11天8晚 土耳其奇妙之旅

  1. Day 1 Kuala Lumpur / Abu Dhabi

    Assemble at KLIA for your flight to Istanbul via Abu Dhabi.

  2. Day 2 Abu Dhabi / Istanbul

    Upon arrival, proceed to visit the Blue Mosque, also known as Mosque of Sultan Ahmet, which boasts a unique feature of 6 minarets. Thereafter, view the remains of Hippodrome of Constantinople, which consists of 3 monumental columns and a fountain. After transfer to dinner and hotel check in.


  3. Day 3 Istanbul / Canakkale

    This morning, enjoy a leisurely drive along the coast to Canakkale, visit the ruins of Troy. Once there, you will be greeted by a huge replica of the wooden Trojan horse, a vivid reminder of the ancient Trojan War.


  4. Day 4 Canakkale / Pergamon / Kusadasi

    Continue proceed on the ancient city of Pergamon. Tour the Acropolis, an architectural masterpiece that is perched on the city’s highest point. Fascinating sites here include the Altar of Zeus, Temple of Athena and Temple of Trojan. Proceed to the lively coastal town of Kusadasi.


  5. Day 5 Kusadasi / Pamukkale

    After breakfast, enjoy a memorable visit to Ephesus one of the world’s finest archaeological sites, where we visit the Arcadian Way, the splendid facade of the Library of Celsus and see the amphitheatre which is still used for concerts. Later visit the Virgin Mary stone cottage. Proceed to visit Turkish leather showroom. Continue to view the remains of the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Travel to Pamukkale (Cotton Castle). Proceed to tour the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis and explore Cotton Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, made up of fascinating white terraces and pools created by calcareous hot spring waters flowing down the mountain.


  6. Day 6 Pamukkale / Konya / Cappadocia

    After breakfast, proceed to Konya. Konya was the canter of the Selcuk Empire as well as the city of Mevlana and his Whirling Dervishes. Visit Mevlana Mosque & Tomb. After enjoy lunch in Konya, we will continue drive to Cappadocia. Dinner & overnight in Cappadocia.


  7. Day 7 Cappadocia

    Enjoy a full-day tour of Cappadocia, which boasts a unique landscape sculpted by the wind, sun, rain and snow. Continue to Uchisar, an old village comprising small dwellings carved into a massive rock. If time permits, you may visit one of the homes in the contemporary village. Continue with Ortahisar, which means “ the fortress in the middle” is a picturesque town built around a huge tufa rock with numerous openings. Visit Goreme Valley Open Air museum explore the moon-like landscape of this unique and ancient area. There are hundreds of chapels carved into the hillside and the frist religious colonies found here dates back to 373 AD, is truly an unforgettable experience.  Explorer Kaymakli Underground City, one of the largest underground cities here, said to have existed since the Hittite period.


  8. Day 8 Cappadocia / Ankara / Bolu

    After breakfast, depart for Ankara, capital of Turkey. Visit Ataturk Mausoleum, the final resting place of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who was regarded as the father of modern Turkey. Thereafter, proceed to Bolu for your overnight stay.


  9. Day 9 Bolu / Istanbul

    This morning, return to Istanbul. Upon arrival, proceed to view Hagia Sophia Museum, a must-see attraction because of its religious and architectural significance and visit Topkapi Palace, once the home of the Ottoman Empire. After which we discover the Taksim Square and Istiklal Street, most famous pedestrian street in Istanbul. You can do last minute shopping at the 500 year old Grand Bazaar, a maze of over 4,ooo stalls and shops selling leather goods, jewellery, handicrafts, ceramics, Turkish coffee and other local products.


  10. Day 10 Istanbul / Abu Dhabi

    After breakfast, take the Bosphorus cruise to enjoy the unique experience of cruising between 2 continents of Asia and Europe. After transfer to airport for your flight home.


  11. Day 11 Abu Dhabi / Kuala Lumpur

    Arrival Kuala Lumpur with happy memories.

Tour Code : EY413-28APR18-11DIST
No.DepartureArrivalFrom/ToFlight No.
12018-04-29 02:352018-04-29 06:10KUL/AUHEY 413
22018-04-29 08:502018-04-29 13:10AUH/ISTEY 097
32018-05-07 14:302018-05-07 20:10IST/AUHEY 096
42018-05-07 22:452018-05-08 10:00AUH/KULEY 418


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Tour Code : QR-09SEP18-11DIST
No.DepartureArrivalFrom/ToFlight No.
12018-09-10 02:502018-09-10 05:20KUL/DOHQR 853
22018-09-10 07:452018-09-10 12:10DOH/ISTQR 239
32018-09-18 14:302018-09-18 18:40SAW/AUHQR 242
42018-09-18 19:402018-09-19 08:30DOH/KULQR 844


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Tour Code : QR-02NOV18-11DIST
No.DepartureArrivalFrom/ToFlight No.
12018-11-03 02:502018-11-03 05:20KUL/DOHQR 853
22018-11-03 07:102018-11-03 11:55DOH/SAWQR 243
32018-11-11 13:352018-11-11 17:45IST/DOHQR 240
42018-11-11 19:102018-11-12 07:50DOH/KULQR 844


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Tour Code : QR-11NOV18-11DIST
No.DepartureArrivalFrom/ToFlight No.
12018-11-12 02:052018-11-12 05:10KUL/DOHQR 853
22018-11-12 07:302018-11-12 12:25DOH/ISTQR 239
32018-11-20 13:052018-11-20 17:15SAW/KULQR 244
42018-11-20 19:102018-11-21 07:50DOH/KULQR 844


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Tour Code : QR-16NOV18-11DIST
No.DepartureArrivalFrom/ToFlight No.
12018-11-17 02:052018-11-17 05:10KUL/DOHQR 853
22018-11-17 07:102018-11-17 11:55DOH/SAWQR 243
32018-11-25 13:352018-11-25 17:45IST/DOHQR 240
42018-11-25 19:102018-11-26 07:50DOH/KULQR 844


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Tour Code : QR-22NOV18-11DIST
No.DepartureArrivalFrom/ToFlight No.
12018-11-23 02:502018-11-23 05:20KUL/DOHQR 853
22018-11-23 07:102018-11-23 11:55DOH/SAWQR 243
32018-12-01 13:052018-12-01 17:15SAW/DOHQR 244
42018-12-01 19:102018-12-02 07:50DOH/KULQR 844


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